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Product Description

This ground rod is used to carry current safely away from a circuit in the event of an electrical surge to the earth/ground.

This copper bonded earth rod are suitable to protect a structure from power surges / lightening strikes, directing the lightning through the earthing system and into the ground rod rather than passing through the structure and presenting a danger to people, this is why an earthing rod is required in public buildings & large structures.

Note: If you place a current probe around the conductor going to earth or the ground rod itself you should never see any current flowing on the conductor.

Main Features:
For Earthing
Protects electrical circuits

Technical Data:
Diameter: 3/8 inch & 5/8 inch
3/8 rod is not threaded like the 5/8
Material: Steel Coated Copper
Length: 4ft / 1200mm

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Earth rods 4ft copper

Earth rods 4ft copper