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Available in 6 stunning finishes, with an ultra slim profile design, incorporating matching metal rocker switches. High quality metal construction with built in moisture gasket to prevent any transfer of moisture from wall to plate ensuring the front plate finish remains untarnished. Constructed from premium grade components. Manufactured to the latest British Safety Standards. Backed up with our 15 year guarantee.

13A Sockets

Ideal upgrade for existing switched sockets around the home. 13A rated with double pole switch.

13A Sockets With USB

Enhanced sockets and outlets featuring USB charging facility at charging rates of 2.1A - 5.1A depending on your requirement. Retrofit to 25mm back boxes. ErP Ready and EMC certified.

5A Sockets

5A round pin unswitched sockets, ideal for bespoke lighting solutions.

Shaver Socket

Dual voltage 115V/230V shaver sockets, IP41 rated making them suitable for bathroom use.

10A Plate Switches

10AX 2 way and intermediate switches with matching metal rocker.

Fan Isolator Switch

Ideal for providing a safe and simple method of isolating fan units in ensuite bathrooms, family bathrooms, utility rooms, store rooms etc. Often the fan unit will be wired into the lighting circuit for convenience and efficiency. With this kind of installation there is often a need to leave the lighting circuit live whilst isolating the fan for maintenance. This model is triple pole with a 10A rating.

10A Toggle Switches

10AX 2 way and intermediate toggle switches with matching metal toggles.

60-400W Dimmers

Leading edge dimmers with a 400W rating. Push on/push off control. For controlling mains lighting add up the wattages of the bulbs you wish to dim. For low voltage lighting add up the rating of the transformers you wish to dim for compatibility. Check with lamp manufacturer for compatibility.

40-400W Dimmers

Suitable for resistive and capacitive loads. Push on/push off control. Advanced sensitivity leading edge type dimmer suitable for dimming all types of lamps both resistive and inductive. Minimum parallel capacity: 7W dimmable LED or 40W incandescence (or 0VA) Maximum parallel capacity: 100W dimmable LED or 400W incandescence (or 400VA) or purely resistive load. Suitable for mains lighting, low voltage lighting and LED lighting. For compatibility please check with lamp manufacturer.

13A Fused Spur Units

Fused spur units or connection units are an electrical switch with a built in fuse, designed for appliances that do not have or require a fused plug top. Fused spur units are also used for high powered electrical equipment with heavy continuous load, so that the appliance can be isolated by a single cable from a ring main for safety and maintenance purposes. 13A rated available with and without a double pole switch/neon.

20A Switches

Used for a fixed appliances such as water heaters. 20A rated with double pole switch available with and without neon.

45A Switches

Cooker control units enable isolation of the unit enabling maintenance and repairs to be carried out separately. The unit can be switched off preventing the appliance from being turned on accidentally. Can control two or more cooking appliances within the same room provided rating is sufficient.

Media Outlets

Isolated, non-isolated and diplexed TV/FM/DAB outlets for audio visual installations.

Telephone and Network Outlets

Master and Secondary telephone sockets. Master sockets contains surge arrestor and an R/C circuit filter used by service providers to get a fixed value resistance when they run line checks. Standard BT socket with screw type terminals. RJ45 network outlet is ideal for creating wired networking points around the home, is UTP CAT5e compliant and comes with IDC terminals.

Blanking Plates

Ideal for neatly covering unused or redundant outlet or switch positions.

Modular Faceplates

Ideal for bespoke installations in conjunction with euro-module style inserts available in our Datacomms Accessories range.

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