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Product Description

Blauberg Calm Extractor Fan with Timer 100mm 4" White

  • Stylish 100mm 4" designer bathroom, kitchen extractor fan finished in brilliant white.
  • German engineered design with anti-vibration mounts ensures low noise, only 25 dB(A) sound level.
  • Rated to IP45 and suitable for mounting in bathroom zones 1 & 2.
  • Mixed flow impeller blade design enables longer duct runs to be used.
  • 100mm, 4" diameter duct connection.
  • An impressive 97 m3/hour extract airflow rate 27 l/s.
  • Fitted with an anti-back draft shutter.
  • Supplied with a run-on timer.
  • Fitted with a German Blauberg motor.
  • Can be wall or ceiling mounted.
  • Energy rating: A+

Blauberg Calm is Building Regulation Part F and L compliant and can be mounted within zone 1 and 2 of a bathroom, shower or sink area. The fitted shutter ensures that back draughts are kept to a minimum when the fan is not in use without the need for an external shutter or draught excluder.

Controls & Wiring

This CALM 100 T fan is fitted with a built-in adjustable run-on timer. A small knob is mounted inside the fan can be used to adjust the run on time from 2 to 30 minutes. The electrical supply is normally provided from your household lighting circuit and the fan will require a live, switched live & neutral connections.

If the run-on timer is not required, a short link can be made from L to LT terminals.

Please ensure that you are a competent person or consult a qualified electrician for any advice required.

Delivery & Returns

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Customer Reviews

ip45 high performance Quiet Extractor Fan Silent Bathroom Timer - 4" 100mm

ip45 high performance Quiet Extractor Fan Silent Bathroom Timer - 4" 100mm